Culture event : Golden Week in Japan

In Japan, there's some long consecutive holidays. One of them is the Golden Week.
Well you probably have heard in anime or game, the terms of Golden Week, but did you know what Golden Week is..

Well then, Golden week started from April 29 to May 5, and it could get more long if the holidays got overlap with Sunday, and it means the next Monday is holiday.

Although the supermarket is still open, but many tourist spot will be crowded, so pick your choice.

Anyways... Golden week is several national holiday that combine together, and they are... (drums)

1. Showa Day on April 29th, this is the birthday of the former emperor Shouwa.
2. Constitution Memorial Day on May 3rd, the day when the new Japanese Constitution was put on effect on the year 1947
3. Greenery Day on May 4th, Midori no Hi, the day the Japanese people show respect to the nature.

And last but not least..

4. Children's Day on May 5th, Kodomo no Hi, this is the Japanese Boys Festival, Tanggo no sekku, a day to pray for the healthy grows of boys. On this day, we can see carp streamers hanging outside the house, and the display of the samurai doll, Gogatsu ningyo.

credits goes to : gojapan
Gogatsu Ningyo

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