Places to go at Kamakura

The city Kamakura is located at the Kanagawa Prefecture, and surrounded by beaches and mountains, with numerous temples and shrine from the Kamakura Bakufu goverment which reign over 100 years from late 12th century.

Besides the shrine and temples, there are also Kamakura Matsuri. A event culture where there's parade and various event such as horseback archery and traditional dance

There are some places you can visit at Kamakura City, such as :

1. Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine, the most famous shrine in Kamakura and founded by the first shogun of Kamakura bakufu, Minamoto Yoritomo

2. Kotoku-in Temple, this is the temple where the Great Budha Kamakura located. With height about 37 ft, this bronze statue is said to be the second largest Budha statue

3. Hase-dera temple, This is another famous temple in Kamakura, because this is the temple that had the statue of 11 faces of Kanon, Goddes of Mercy. And also a lot of Jizo statue

The jizo statue
4. Meigetsu-In Temple, this is the temple which Ajisai will bloom every early summer.

So if Kamakura is include in your vacation destination, when you came to Japan, you can go to Kamakura by JR train from Tokyo station or Yokohama station.

Source : Gojapan and Google for the photo
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