Akihabara, A place for Shop and Japanese Pop Culture

Akihabara located in Tokyo, Japan. And known as the place to shop electronic products also being the centre of Japanese Pop Culture.
In this location there were also a lot of shop that sell electronics, hobby supplies, anime figures, comics and more.
In this location there are a lot of attraction for tourist such as :

a. Akihabara Radio Kikan : located right across the street from the electric town exit of JR Akihabara station

b. Akihabara Denkigai (Electric town) : This is the area which sell a lot of electronic. There are duty free shop, multilingual staff and overseas model for electronic products.

c. Yodobashi Camera Multi Media Akiba : A large electronic store which sell a lot of electronic products, games, toys,  books and a lot more.

d. Akihabara Crossfields : consist of Akihabara Daibiru and Akihabara UDX. Both of the building had cafe, restaurant, event hall and many more

e. Tokyo Anime Centre : it's a small place in Akihabara UDX Building, but filled with anime whether it's in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese language. There are 3D theater, anime goods shop and a recording studio.
f. AKB48 Theater : a place where AKB48 perform

g. Maid Cafe : is a place where all the serving staff members are young girls dressed in maid costumes. The most popular Maid cafe is @home in Mistuwa Building. Here's the link for the website @home

h. Games Akihabara Honten : a video games stores which sell anime and manga goods.

So there's the destination when you go to Akihabara, hopefully it can gave the best guide when you visit this place.

source : Gojapan, google image for the pictures, and youtube for the video
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