Granny Square Bag

This is my own crocheted bag for my co-worker, and made from local cotton big ply. I forgot to measure its size, but its equally as size as A4 paper.
I used 4 mm hooks and no lining

The pattern is a modified pattern from Crochet Book Favecrafts.
In the original pattern they used 2 granny square, but because the size is too small, I revised it to 8 pieces granny square, although the edging pattern still the same as the original pattern with some width and height adjustment

For the handle, I used tutorial braided handle (It's not in english :p) Actually it's just braiding three pieces of SC rows (depend on the length you desired).While the connector between the braided handle and side edging, I used this pattern
1st row - 3 sc
2nd row - 4 sc 
3rd row - 5 sc 
4th round 6 sc

Hope that inspired.

Keep crocheting
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