New Anime : Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

Once upon a day, I was searching my Facebook for news about new manga or maybe a good anime to watch. When suddenly I saw someone post this trailer..

And I was like

Okay maybe it's a bit of  exaggerating :))
Anyways, for those who don't know what is Devil Survivor 2, or perhaps want to know why I was shocked (bet you do, huh *evil smile*)
Fine, I'll tell you
Devil Survivor was actually a game from none other than the famous maker of all Shin Megami Tensei series, ATLUS.
In case you don't know Shin Megami Tensei series, maybe the name PERSONA will ring you a bell.

You don't know PERSONA too?? Really? Man, you should try the game, it's in every console and it's kinda addictive too. A mix between RPG and some dating sim (especially in Persona Series), Devil Summoner, Persona 2 in PS1, Persona 3 and 4 in PS2, Persona 3 Portable for PSP, Persona 4 Golden for PS3 and PS Vita, Devil Survivor 1 and Devil Survivor 2 for DS and Devil Survivor 2: Break Code for 3DS.

Okaaayy.. we are not talking about the game though. As you can read, Devil Survivor is a game released for DS console. And it seems that Atlus is trying to get it's popular games into anime.
Of course the not so good Persona 3 : Trinity Soul is not counted, but after a big hit success of Persona 4 The Animation, Director of Persona 4 Anime, Seiji Kishi, once again trusted to make this game based anime into another of big hit success.

The story, as per I watched the trailer, it seems similar to the game itself.  An Alien called the Septentriones invaded Japan on Sunday, and our heroes must defeat them in seven days.
The heroes will signed a contract with demon that they can summon from their phones and became Thirteen Devil Messenger.

Let's moved to the Seiyuu, shall we
There are 13 character from the 13 Devil Messenger . The first three is the main character. While the other is just supporting role.

1. Hibiki Kuze (The protagonist in the game) Voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi
2. Nitta Io Voiced by Uchida Aya
3. Shijima Daichi voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko
4. Ureu Mono ( The Anguist One) voiced by Sakurai Takahiro

5. Hotsuin Yamato voiced by Suwabe Jyunichi (yeayyy)
6. Sako Makoto voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki
7. Kujou Hinako voiced by Koshimizu Ami
8. Wakui Keita voiced by Saito Fuko
9. Yanagiya Otome voiced by Iguchi Yuka
10. Kanno Fumi voiced by Yamaguchi Rikako
11. Ban Airi voiced by Asumi Kanna
12. Torii Jungo voiced by Namikawa Daisuke
13. Akie Yuzuru voiced by Madono Mitsuaki
14. Kuriki Ronaldo voiced by Koyama Rikiya.

Hibiki Kuze, Nitta Io and Shijima Daichi

So will it be as great as Persona 4 The Animation?
We'll just see after the release on April 2013
Guess I'll be playing the game then

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